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Campaign KRBA

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Campaign K-R-B-A’S sole purpose is to bring awareness to main stream radio and music industry gate keepers about the out cry on how much R&B music - through the 90's is missed.  This initiative is not to under mind the current state of music programming but to simply inform.


By engaging in this online petition, music consumers will express their feelings about the state of music (at main stream radio etc) via signatures.  A recent survey clearly shows that the 25 – 54 yrs old (urban music consumer), is adamant about seeing the Genre of “R&B” become the force that it once was - through the 90’s.   Buying power still exist in this demographic.  Consumer’s who sign the petition (at a meet & greet or online) will receive one of the following as a token of appreciation for their participation:  (i.e. T-shirt, hat, CD, pen etc). Geismarland Music plans on kicking-off this years tour starting Summer 2016.  The objective of the tour will be to collect as many signatures as possible per city, then hold meetings with key industry leaders. 

The theme of this tour is You Are The Star.  All consumers should come to the event ready to walk down the Red Carpet & meet one of your favorite R&B artist!

 As the spokesman for Geismarland Music, R&B/Soul artist Royale says:

 It’s NOW or NEVER!!      Help Keep R&B Alive!!


Here’s a quote from Royale.  “When I’m out performing, I am often asked what happened to the love making music.  My response is always, the only way we can get that genre back to the forefront of the music industry is by letting your voice(s) be heard”.

2016 Campaign Song "Slow Dance"


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After signing the petition, see Throwback Videos below for your viewing pleasure!!

Campaign KRBA Petition

By engaging in this online petition, you the music consumers express your concern regarding the state of R&B music (at main stream radio) today.

Note: If you plan on attending a Meet & Greet to pick up your FREE gift,  filling in the Address Street 1 & 2 fields are not required.

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